The activity also marked the culmination of the hybrid rice challenge, bringing together over 100 farmers from La Union, providing them with firsthand opportunity to observe and evaluate the performance of various hybrid rice varieties.

The activity was a collaborative effort between the Department of Agriculture Regional Field Office 1, the provincial and local government, and various hybrid seed companies to identify the best-performing and suitable hybrid rice varieties for the province of La Union.

Additionally, the techno-forum sought to raise awareness about the benefits of adopting hybrid rice, recognizing that many farmers still require tangible evidence or are still attached to the notion of seeing is believing before embracing a new technology.

On the said activity, the farmers assessed each variety based on specific criteria, including crop stand, panicle formation, and their response to pests and diseases.

A total of 14 hybrid seed companies actively participated in the event, showcasing 31 different hybrid seed varieties. To ensure fair and comprehensive evaluations, each of these varieties was planted in a quarter-hectare area.

During the forum, Hon. Mayor Arturo Valdriz of San Juan urged the attending farmers to share the best variety with their fellow farmers so that everyone would prosper. Moreover, Mayor Valdriz posed a challenge to the participating seed companies, asking them to consider which hybrid varieties might be most suitable for non-irrigated areas, noting that Barangay San Felipe, where the techno-demo took place, is an irrigated area.