The Department of Agriculture is the government agency responsible for the promotion of agricultural development by providing the policy framework, public investments, and support services needed for domestic and export-oriented business enterprises.

In the fulfillment of this mandate, it shall be the primary concern of the Department to improve farm income and generate work opportunities for farmers, fishermen, and other rural workers. It shall encourage people’s participation in agricultural development through sectoral representation in agricultural policy-making bodies so that the policies, plans and programs of the Department are formulated and executed to satisfy their needs.

It shall ensure social justice, equity, productivity and sustainability in the use of agricultural resources.


  1. Provide integrated services to farmers, fishermen, and other food producers on production, utilization, conservation and disposition of agricultural and fishery resources;
  2. Be responsible for the planning, formulation, execution, regulation, and monitoring of programs and activities relating to agriculture, food production and supply;
  3. Promulgate and enforce all laws, rules, and regulations governing the conservation and proper utilization of agricultural and fishery resources;
  4. Establish central and regional information systems to serve the production, marketing and financing data requirements of the farmers as well as domestic and foreign investors in agribusiness ventures;
  5. Provide comprehensive and effective extension services and training to farmers and other agricultural entrepreneurs on the production, marketing and financing aspects of agricultural enterprises;
  6. Conduct, coordinate, and disseminate research studies on appropriate technologies for the improvement and development of agricultural crops, fisheries, and other allied commodities;
  7. Provide the mechanism for the participation of farmers, fishermen, and entrepreneurs at all levels of policy-making, planning and program formulation;
  8. Coordinate with and enlist other public and private agencies for cooperation and assistance on matters affecting the policies, plans and programs of the Department.