The distribution of hybrid rice seeds, which took place on Thursday, April 20,2023 at the DA-RFO 1 Ilocos Norte Experiment Center in Batac City, is estimated to benefit a total of 39,275 farmers in the 11 towns of the second district of Ilocos Norte.

Through the DA’s National Rice Program, farmers are made sure to receive high-quality, high-yield hybrid seeds that are appropriate in their areas in time for the upcoming rainy season.

Farmers are estimated to obtain a yield increment of one metric ton per hectare.

A total of 23,825 bags were distributed, amounting to more than PHP 114 million.

As per the report of the Philippine Rice Institute, Ilocos Norte attained a rice production output of 330,748 metric tons in 2022, with 63,909 hectares of area harvested and a yield per hectare of 5.18 mt/ha.

Ilocos Norte contributes 16.83 percent of the total rice production in Region 1 (PSA, 2023)