Taking heed from the directive of DA-RFO I Regional Executive Director Lucrecio R. Alviar Jr. to strategize the promotion of urban agriculute and help increase food production in the region, the Ilocos Norte Research and Experiment Center (INREC) station distributed various seedlings in the Province of Ilocos Norte as part of the Plant Plant Plant Program (PPPP) of the agency.

Headed by INREC Chief, Ms. Wilma Ibea, as of date, the station already distributed a total of 54 seedling trays, 64 packs of assorted vegetables, herbal plant, among others to the said municipalities and city of Ilocos Norte.

The Municipality of Nueva Era received 14 seedling trays of squash, pechay, tomato, pepper, 11 packs of ampalaya seedlings and finger pepper and 22 packs of okra seeds while the Municipality of Paoay received 21 seedling trays of squash, pechay, tomato, pepper and 10 packs of ampalaya seedlings and cowpea seeds and different herbal plants such as tarragon, sambog and oregano.

Meanwhile, the City of Batac, Ilocos Norte also received 19 trays of squash, ampalaya, tomato, pechay, and sunflower seedlings plus 250g pole sitao at 10 packs@10g/pack.

Some walk-in clients also got their share of vegetable planting materials with 8 trays of tomato, squash and pechay.

DA-INREC with its established nursery for vegetable seedling production is encouraging more individuals to take advantage of the time they have being in their homes to get their share of these planting materials and contribute to the Plant Plant Plant Program of the government and have fresh & healthy food supply coming right from their own backyards.//