NK6414Bt/GT and AH ULTRA 357 hybrid corn varieties were the top among the twelve (12) varieties presented during the Corn Derby held at Brgy. Bongtolan, Vigan City, Ilocos Sur on February 7, 2020.

The activity aims to showcase the best hybrid corn seeds and technologies of the five (5) participating private seed companies with their twelve (12) varieties, including, Bioseed (H102G, B9909G, H101G or B558G), Deklab/Bayer Crop Science (9132S, 9919S), Syngenta (NK6410Bt/GT, NK8840 Bt/GT, NK6414Bt/GT), Asian Hybrid (AH ULTRA 357, AH J505), Pioneer (P4097YHR, P3530YHR).

There were two (2) different technologies used, these were; Site Specific Nutrient Management (SSNM), it is a plant-based approach that provides principles that can be used everywhere where a farmer give their crop the right amount of essential nutrients and the Company Control Area where the company provides their practice in to farming.

NK6414Bt/GT variety of the Sygenta company has a result yield of 9.16MT/ha at 14% MC with a 196.08 (%) Return on Investment (ROI) tops in the Company Control Area technology, while AH ULTRA 357 under Asian Hybrid gained number one with the use of the SSNM with 7.85MT/ha with 207.52 (%) ROI.

Meanwhile during the program, RTD Erlinda F. Manipon – OIC Regional Technical Director for Operations underscored the importance of conducting Corn Derby Field Day, where she said that it is one way of introducing to the farmers the technologies in farming.

“This event is very important for the farmers because in here they will discover that there is really a technology to be used in farming, far different from their farming practice,” RTD Manipon said.

“However, the result of this derby is not conclusive because there is a possibility that the result will vary if it was planted in another area,” she added.

The Corn Derby was spearheaded by the Department of Agriculture Regional Field Office 1 Corn Banner Program headed by Ms. Rhoda Galban, Regional Corn Focal Person, to help and encourage farmers to go into yellow corn farming because of its advantages of having higher yield and income.