Aldrich John is one of the top 10 winners of the DA’s Kabataang Agribiz Challenge from the province of Ilocos Norte with his agri enterprise proposal titled “Eats Taho Time.”

As a winner, Aldrich John received from DA a cash award of P50,000 which he used to purchase various processing equipment such as soybean grater, milk and pulp separator, packaging materials, and kitchen tools that are necessary in the processing of his soybean by-products into taho, tokwa, soya coffee and soya flour.

A very enterprising young dreamer, he also intends to earn additional income from his taho production waste materials by converting these into other delicacies such as pandesal, brownies and vegan meat.

Seeing the potential of soybean production and processing in the area, he is looking for the possibility of area expansion for soybean production in the province, in partnership with the Department of Science and Technology and the PWD group that he is affiliated with.

He likewise intends to become a supplier of soybeans needed by the growing numbers of feedmills in Ilocos Region.

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