The management of La Union Electric Cooperative (LUELCO) in Agoo, La Union conveys full support to the Department of Agriculture’s Kadiwa market having known and appreciated its purpose to help farmers and fisherfolk prosper in the region.

After the opening of a one-day Kadiwa market today at the LUELCO compound, Institutional Development Manager Mario del Rosario noted that once it is established as a regular program in partnership with the local government of Agoo, farmers and fisherfolk in their municipality will have a ready market for their produce and will enable them to have a direct linkage to consumers.

“LUELCO will adopt Kadiwa market and will be operating on a scheduled basis, most likely during the payment of electric bills to ensure larger number of buyers,” said Rosario.

Meanwhile, three farmers’ organizations along with the Philippine Carabao Center were invited as exhibitors enticing LUELCO employees and walk-in buyers.

As Agoo farmers are known for their production of dinengdeng vegetables, participating exhibitors displayed fresh squash (fruit and blossoms), okra, winged beans, ampalaya (leaves and fruit), gourds, string beans, eggplant, and bamboo shoots, among others.

Other commodities available were fruits, bangus, tilapia, processed fish products, buffalo milk-based yogurt drinks, locally produced wines and vinegar, red rice, and other processed food products.

Kadiwa is a market system launched last year in consonance with Secretary Dar’s New Thinking for Agriculture paradigm to ensure that farmers and fisherfolk get the best prices for their goods, while providing affordable, safe, and nutritious food to the consuming public.

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