Strengthening the monitoring of completed big ticket projects of the DA in Ilocos Region, Farmer Director Benjamin Campañano recommended for the inclusion of the Provincial Agriculture and Fishery Council (PAFC) in the soon to be organized monitoring team of DA- RFO I.

In a Regional Management Committee meeting held today at the 5th floor Conference Room, presided over by FD Campañano, a strong motion from Regional Technical Director for Operations Dennis Tactac was made for the DA-RFO I to organize a monitoring team that will be tasked to check the functionality and sustainability of projects implemented and completed in the previous years.

Among the divisions and operating units involved in the monitoring team shall be composed of the Agricultural Programs Coordinating Officer (APCO), staff from the Regional Agriculture Engineering Division, (RAED), the Field Operations Division (FOD), the Planning Monitoring and Evaluation Division (PMED) and the Regional Agriculture and Fisheries Information Section (RAFIS) to document the monitoring of activities and the Agribusiness Marketing Assistance Division (AMAD) to evaluate the financial capacity of the project beneficiaries after the project was implemented/completed.

Of the many big ticket projects that has been completed, the monitoring team will focus on checking the functionality of projects like the solar-powered irrigation system (spis), recirculating dryers, silo, rice processing centers, diversion dams, and small water impounding projects.

The composition of the Monitoring Team was borne-out of the observation of FD Campañano and on the feedbacks received by the office during his instint as the Farmer Director for two weeks now and the instruction of 4th District Congressman Christopher de Venecia to check the implementation of completed agri farm machineries and facility projects.