Nov. 26-27, 2020

The two-day hurdle of providing documented evidences to prove its compliance to the ISO-9001:2015 standards ended successfully for DA-RFO I as it passed the 2nd Surveillance Audit with not a single non-conformity finding from the auditors.

“With the result of the audit, and raising no major nor minor non-conformity, we are happy to recommend your continued certification to ISO-9001:2015!”

Lead auditor Mr. Renato Madrid, Jr. of the Certification International Philippines, happily announced this as a concluding message during the closing meeting for the DA-RFO I 2nd Surveillance Audit on November 27,2020 held at the Regional Field Office 1’s 5th Floor Conference Hall.
Together with his support auditor Mr. Arnel Intatano, both auditors conducted the virtual audit for DA-RFO I’s Quality Management System focusing on thirteen (13) selected areas of audit.

Areas audited were the Context of the Organization & Actions to address Risks and opportunities; Procurement; Regulatory Division; Customer Satisfaction and Feedback Handling; Management Review; Agricultural Engineering Division; Internal Audit, Non-Conformity & Corrective Action; Competence & Awareness; Integrated Laboratories Division; Internal & External Issues, Needs & Expectations of interested parties; Review of Internal Audit Results; Field Operations Division; and Research & Development.

During the Opening meeting prior to the audit, DA-RFO I OIC-Regional Executive Director Nestor D. Domenden thanked the entire DA-RFO I team for their efforts put into making sure that the 2nd surveillance audit will yield positive result for the organization.

“Thank you for all your commitment and dedication in taking by heart the strict implementation of our Quality Management System as we raise the standards of public service by maintaining our ISO-9001:2015 Certification.”, Domenden encouraged.

DA-RFO I obtained its ISO-9001:2015 in January 18, 2019 under then Regional Executive Director Lucrecio R. Alviar, Jr.

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