Department of Agriculture Regional Field Office 1 (DA – RFO1) paid tribute to its employees in a simple ceremony to commemorate the 122nd year Anniversary of the DA as it highlighted the sacrifices and hardwork of the employees most especially during the most trying time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

True to its anniversary theme, “Agrikultura ang Pag-asa sa Kabila ng Pandemiya,” Regional Executive Director (RED) Lucrecio R. Alviar, Jr expressed his gratitude for the support given by the entire DA-RFO I workforce so that the delivery of basic services to the agriculture sector will still be carried out despite the imposed Enhanced Community Quarantine in the region.

“I thank every single one of you for being a part of this battle. We are still at a very uncertain time and the end of the battle may yet be far ahead, but with all of our combined efforts, with the guidance of the Lord and the support of our indispensable partners in agricultural development, I believe we can overcome.”, Alviar said.

To appreciate the efforts of all employees who took the risk to report to work despite the threat of COVID-19 as their outputs are essential to carry out needed interventions for farmers and fisherfolk in the region, DA-RFO I came up with an incentive of P5,000 for those with perfect attendance from March 16 – April 13, 2020.

On the other hand, all employees who were also part of the skeleton workforce in each division when the Enhanced Community Quarantine was in effect and rendered services for eight (8) days and above from March 16 to April 30, 2020 also received one sack of rice (50kg) each.

As a highlight of the anniversary celebration, sixteen (16) employees received their Loyalty Award with P5,000 cash and certificate handed out by Dir. Alviar with Regional Technical Director for Operations Ms. Erlinda F. Manipon and Regional Technical Director for Research & Regulation Dr. Jovita M. Datuin.

The awardees were:

Aurelia C. Camacho – 45 years in service
Lucrecio R. Alviar, Jr – 41 years in service
Christina M. Apan – 35 years in service
Rizalino P. Apan – 35 years in service
Doris Joy C. Garcia – 35 years in service
Imelda A. Saladino – 35 years in service
Eleanor L. Blanco – 35 years in service
Luisito P. Dela Cruz – 25 years in service
Ernesto M. Pimentel – 25 years in service
Gilbert D. Rabara – 25 years in service
Filomena A. Bugaoan–15 years in service
Imeda R. Cornes – 15 years in service
Rodelio J. Signey – 15 years in service
Grace S. Villanueva – 15 years in service
Fernando D. Ramos –15 years in service
Alberto G. Coloma – 15 years in service

The employees also participated in the Search for Best Tiktok video in relation to the DA anniversary. Winners received P5,000.00 for the first prize; P3,500.00 for the second prize; P2,500.00 for the third prize and a consolation prize of P1,000 for none-winners.

“Today, let us celebrate our victory. Let us celebrate God’s graciousness and mercy for keeping us all safe amidst the pandemic.”, Alviar concluded in his message showing much appreciation to all the DA-RFO I employees and encouraging them further to continue their services as their roles are essential in keeping DA’s mandate of ensuring a food secure Philippines with prosperous farmers and fisherfolk.