Bringing together the livestock and poultry raisers to be updated on Halal meat production, the Department of Agriculture-Regional Field Office I through the Halal Food Industry Development Program in the region conducted a one-day seminar on community organizing for halal meat production on June 25, 2021.

Held at the DA-RFO I 5th Floor Conference Hall, the seminar was conducted in partnership with the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos – North Luzon Chapter.

DA-RFO I’s Regional Executive Director, Nestor Domenden in his message during the Opening Program encouraged the participants to take seriously the learnings that they shall acquire in the seminar, especially on the quality, cleanliness and health standards on halal food products in as much as this has already been the trend in the food industry.

Dr. Janilah Lao Ambo, representative of the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF) for North Luzon discussed the standards for food safety with emphasis on Halal meat production and slaughtering and the good manufacturing practices act including halal food certification and its components.

Taking into consideration that food safety is the most important component of quality, Dr. Ambo said that a lack of product safety can result in serious injury, illness or even death for the consumers.

She likewise emphasized in her discussion for the need of a trained Muslim inspector to ensure that the animals are properly slaughtered according to Islamic Law. Giving some points to consider during animal slaughtering, Dr. Ambo said that the use of a recording device is totally prohibited and that the animals cannot be slaughtered in the presence of other animals.

Meanwhile, with the DA through the HFID Program embarking on the expansion of Halal food products in the country which is expected to grow by 11% in 2023, Dr. Ambo is optimistic that brighter prospect awaits for the livestock and poultry raisers if they shall organize themselves and follow the food safety standard in Halal production.###

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