To enhance systems against the effects of climate change, the Department of Agriculture Region 1 collaborated with the Climate Resilient Agriculture Office to organize a capacity-building workshop, held February 6-8.

The workshop, which was part of the Adaptation and Mitigation Initiative in Agriculture Program, equipped with skills the participants from DA and LGUs with AMIA villages, to effectively utilize decision support planning tools based on climate risks.

Underscoring the importance of integrating these tools into strategies due to the vulnerability of the agriculture sector to changes, Director Annie Bares said “By doing so, we can work together to build more resilient and sustainable agricultural systems and better serve our communities in the face of climate change”.

She also expressed her hope that through this activity, climate-smart decision-making practices will be promoted.

Throughout the activity, various topics were discussed including NCCAG, CVRA, CIS, and AMIA village approach among others.