“You reap what you sow” is DA Ilocos Regional Technical Director for Operations’ message to the young entrepreneurs as they received their certificates as provincial winners of the Young Farmers Challenge Program (YFCP) 2023, Thursday.

Underscoring their grit and wisdom to outlast the other applicants, RTD Dennis Tactac told the young awardees to continue to enrich their unique skills and resourcefulness. He likewise reminded them that the reason they were chosen as provincial winners is due to their determination to succeed.

For this year’s YFCP, 35 young agripreneurs out of 44 applicants were deemed recipients of P80,000 start-up capital. The said amount will be used to develop and improve their agri-based enterprises.

The following are the provincial winners of this year’s YFC:


  • WD Free Range Chicken and Vegetable Production (Wilfredo Duqueza, Jr.)
  • RoBIVermicoolture (Ronel P. Bate and Billy Joel T. Briones)
  • Uson Polyculture Farmstead Aquafarm (Rosy S. Uson)
  • King David’s Probiotic Rich Plant-based Livestock Feed Production (David Christian R. Azarcon)
  • Samson’s Egg and Black Meat Chicken Production (Noilson M. Samson)• PD’s GOAT FARM (Rustom L. Pande and Rogelio L. Dalay, Jr. )
  • PIG-YOUR EAT OUT! (Babuyang Walang Amoy And No Bath Technology) (Daniel C. Distor)
  • Capra aegagrus hircus Production (Angel C. Bacalan)
  • Native Goat (Christian Lee S. Lapurga)

La Union

  • R & M AQUAPONICS (Mark Gil L. Raguin and Rudy S. Mejia)
  • B.W.A.BOY Eco Farm (Babuyang WalangAmoy and Eco-Friendly Farm) (Edmer O. Mueca)
  • AGOEÑOS HERBINEGAR (Saramae M. Oribello and Jamaica T. Rivera)
  • Narang-ay Integrated Backyard Farming (Starhex RJ L. Consolacion)
  • H & E Goat Raiser (Esmael C. Simon and Holly Ann S. Atimpao)
  • MUSHROOM MANIA (Emilfred L. Estolas)

Ilocos Sur

  • J’s Capsicum Greenery (June P. Batao-ey)
  • IKONG’s BROILER PRODUCTION (John Nicole D. Tendenilla)
  • Illek Farm (Swine Production using Home-mixed Feeds) (Shierly S. Ombania)
  • Manzano’s Backyard Mushroom (Kenjie M. Manzano)
  • Giardino Verde: Vermiculture (Raphael Felix L. Queddeng)

Ilocos Norte

  • SPC JUICE (Darizel C. Vidad)
  • Natural Vegetable Farming Automated Water Drip Irrigation System (Ar-jay A. Ballaco and Aisha Uddon)
  • Eugene’s Piggery Farm: Development of a Traditional Pig Farm to State of the Art Production (Eugene S. Orosco)
  • Naive Native Chicken Farm (Stephenleigh A. Guitap and Abigail C. Lopez)
  • AGRIinAct Integrated Farm (Shaina May L. Ganitano and Kristine Joy C. Tabios)
  • ROGERS POULTRY (Roderick H. Dahilig)

Meanwhile, the top performer among the awardees, June Batao-ey, an agricultural engineer from Galimuyod, Ilocos Sur, owner of J’s Capsicum Greenery recognized the ingenuity of his fellow awardees and thanked the Department of Agriculture for creating the YFC program that serves as an avenue for the youth to showcase their entrepreneurial skills.

He considers being a YFC winner as his calling and stepping stone to pursue his dream, and someday give back to his family and his people.

The YFCP has three categories, including production, processing, and digital agriculture.

Out of the provincial winners consisting of 27 enterprises,13 enterprises will move forward to the regional level: four from Pangasinan, and three each from the provinces of La Union, Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte.

These include W.D. Free Range Chicken and Vegetable Production, Ro-BI Vermiculture, Uson Polyculture Farmstead Aquafarm, King David’s Probiotic Rich Plant Base Livestock Feed Production, R & M Aquaponics, B.W.A.BOY Eco Farm (Babuyang Walang Amoy and Eco-Friendly Farm), Agoenos Herbinegar, J’s Capsicum Greenery, Upland Catfish, Ikong’s Broiler Production, SPC Juice, Natural Vegetable Farming Automated Water Drip Irrigation System, and Eugene’s Piggery Farm.

The regional winners will then receive P150,000 additional capital and will proceed to the national level.

Joining the DA officials in the awarding ceremonies are the OIC-Provincial Agriculturist of La Union, Ms. Sharon Villoria, Chair of the Panel of Judges, Mr. Ferdinand Navarro, City and Municipal Agriculturists, and parents of the winners.