To assist hog raisers affected with African swine fever, DA RFO I released a total of P1,310,000 indemnification fund to 39 affected backyard hog raisers in Pangasinan on March 11, 2020.

20 hog raisers from Dagupan City and 19 from Binmaley received their cash assistance amounting to 5,000 per hog regardless of age and weight as compensation for the died and culled pigs. To cover the losses, only a maximum of 20 heads per individual is paid by the government.

Dr. Florentino Adame, Regulatory division Chief told recipients to cooperate with the agency by not raising hogs while there is ASF outbreak in the country. As a substitute to pigs, he cited that rabbit can be a safe alternative to pork meat as eyed by DA chief thereby encouraging everyone to raise rabbits since they can give birth up to five times a year with an average of eight offspring.

He also mentioned the 0% interest credit facilities under ACPC that could help farmers establish their source of incomes.

As of today, distribution of the indemnification fund is still on-going in the municipalities affected by the virus outbreak.