Elma Mananes

Luzon A DPD Elma Mananes presents the updates on the implementation of infrastructure development subprojects in the entire country during the forum. 


Luzon A holds Site Engineers Forum

Engineers from Regions 1, 2, 3 and the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) gathered in a Site Engineers’ Forum at the Pangasinan Research and Experimental Center (PREC) in Sual, Pangasinan from March 1 to 4, 2017.

The forum aims to resolve issues which engineers encounter in the implementation of PRDP subprojects (i.e. unauthorized pulling out of equipment of the contractor from the site, preventing high slippages, non-compliance with roles as stipulated in the Implementation Management Agreement, Local Government Unit’s lack of interest in project implementation, etcetera).

In response, Luzon A Bridge Specialist Engr. Dennis Flores gave recommendations on the effective implementation of subprojects under the PRDP such as to always negotiate before implementing; be vigilant; full observance of the terms of reference of the contractor; and, religious documentation of activities in the subproject site.

During the forum, Luzon A Deputy Project Director Elma Mananes also discussed that one cause of delay of subproject implementation and low disbursement is the prescribed number of days from subproject preparation to No Objection Letter 2 (NOL 2)-issuance.

For infrastructures, the Project’s prescribed number of days from subproject preparation to NOL 2-issuance is 332 days. The cluster, however, takes 502 days from infrastructure subproject preparation to NOL 2 issuance. Dir. Mananes hopes to meet the prescribed number of days through the engineers’ cooperation in thoroughly and promptly reviewing and evaluating subprojects.

The Project’s engineers are tasked to supervise the implementation of infrastructure development subprojects. They play a crucial role in the physical progress subprojects which in turn affects the disbursement of funds. The engineers are scheduled to attend another construction management training-workshop to further capacitate them in ensuring a successful implementation of PRDP in the region.###

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