Accreditation of Food Lane

Agribusiness and Marketing Assistance Division

DA-RFU I, Sevilla Norte, San Fernando City, La Union

Tel No. (072) 888-7213

Service Head:  Ms. Maribel B. Cabradilla, Supervising Agriculturist


About the Service

To facilitate transporting of perishable agri-fishery commodities and institutionalize the efficient distribution of agri-fishery products from the production sites on the major demand centers of Metro Manila, reduce post harvest losses during delivery, ensure speed delivery of perishable agri-fishery commodities to Metro Manila for a 24-hour ban-free access thru the  North Luzon to South Luzon Expressways.

Who May Avail of the Service?

                All truck owners transporting perishable agri-fishery products to Metro Manila.

Requirements to be submitted

  1. duly accomplished application form
  2. Latest 2 pcs. 1 x 1 ID picture
  3. 2 copies of pictures of truck (front and side view)
  4. business permit/SEC/CDA registration certificate
  5. mayor’s permit
  6. board resolution authorizing representative to transact business in relation to the Foodlane project (for coops, corporations, associations), as it may apply
  7. sworn statement of commitment
  8. authenticated copy of official receipt of registration
  9. authenticated copy of certificate of registration (original copy will be presented)
  10. certificate of attendance to the foodlane seminar issued by DA
  11. foodlane reference form

Schedule of Availability of the Service

                Monday to Friday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Schedule of Fees:                            Application fee                 -                P   50.00

                                                                                Processing fee                  -                P 950.00

How to Avail of the Service



Office Activity

Duration of Activity

Person in-Charge


Proceed to AMAD to inquire and secure application form and checklist of requirements

Provide application and checklist of requirements

2 minutes

Mr. Reynaldo Ancheta, Jr. or

Ms. Lorna Bugaoan


Submit accomplished application form together with the requirements; pay application fee

Receive, review submitted forms and requirements

3 minutes

Ms. Rosie R. Cardinez or

Ms. Ma. Christine E. de Leon












Attend Orientation Seminar

Claim Certificate of Accreditation and Food Lane Sticker

Conduct ocular inspection

Process documents

Conduct Orientation Seminar and issue Certificate of Attendance

Endorse application to Agri business & Marketing Assistance Service (AMAS), DA Central Office

Endorse application and supporting documents with the Certificate of Accreditation to MMDA for signature of MMDA Chairman

Return approved/signed Certificate of Accreditation to AMAS

Endorse Certificate of Accreditation to DA Secretary

Sign Certificate of Accreditation

Release Certificate of Accreditation and Food Lane Sticker to AMAD, DA RFU-I

Notify the applicant about the release of the approved Certificate of Accreditation and Food Lane Sticker

Release the Certificate of Accreditation and Food Lane Sticker; log out the items/documents

1 day

20 minutes

4 hours


(1 day minimum transit)


     15 days


2 minutes

3 minutes

Ms. Rosie R. Cardinez or

Ms. Ma. Christine E. de Leon

Ms. Rosie R. Cardinez or

Ms. Ma. Christine E. de Leon

Ms. Maribel B. Cabradilla or

Ms. Ma. Christine E. de Leon

Ms. Maribel B. Cabradilla or

Ma. Christine E. de Leon

AMAS, DA Central Office

Metro Manila Development Authority

AMAS, DA Central Office

DA Secretary

AMAS, DA Central Office

Ms. Lorna C. Bogaoan

Ms. Lorna C. Bogaoan


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