Issuance of Certificate for Land Use Reclassification

Regional Technical Committee on Land Use Matters ( RTeCLUM)

Department of Agriculture Regional Field Unit I

Tel No. (072) 242-1045 to 46

RTeCLUM Secretariat:  Erlinda F. Manipon; Saturnino S. Bautista


About the Service

The Issuance of Certificate for Land Use Reclassification is a pre-requisite in the processing and issuance   of Land Use Conversion Certificate by the Department of Agrarian Reform.

The following landholdings are covered by the land use reclassification:   

  1. agricultural areas to be converted to residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and other non-agricultural purposes;
  2. areas devoted to agricultural activities such as livestock, poultry, and fishpond, the effect of which is to exempt the land from CARP coverage;
  3. areas converted to non-agricultural uses other than that previously authorized; and
  4. those reclassified to residential, commercial, industrial, or other non-agricultural uses on or after the effectivity of RA 6657 on June 15, 1988.  For those reclassified prior to June 15, 1988, the guidelines of securing exemption clearance shall apply.
  5. Owners of private agricultural lands or other persons duly authorized by the landowner;
  6. Government agencies, including government-owned or controlled corporations, and local government units, which own agricultural land as their patrimonial property.
    1. Letter of application for land use reclassification to DA Regional Executive Director (RED);
    2. Sworn declaration for land use reclassification (DA LUR Form 1, available at the RTeCLUM Secretariat c/o Planning Division);
    3. Proof of ownership - Photocopy of Original Certificate of Title (OCT) or Transfer of Certificate of Title (TCT) certified by the Register of Deeds not later than 30 days prior to filing;
    4. Special Power of Attorney, if the petitioner is other than the landowner or Board Resolution signed by members if the owner is a corporation;
    5. Sketch map, Vicinity map and Lot plan showing TCT No., Lot No., Area per TCT, and area applied for conversion, duly prepared by a licensed geodetic engineer and showing reference points for the identification of the property applied for conversion;
    6. Certification from the Local Government Unit whether or not the locality where the land is located has become highly urbanized and will have greater economic value for commercial, industrial or residential purposes;
    7. Recent 5R panoramic photograph of the area with captions (to be certified by a member of the RTeCLUM upon ocular inspection);
    8. Certification from National irrigation Administration (NIA) Provincial Office using LUC Form No. 4 whether or not the land is within the service of an irrigation system that is existing; scheduled for rehabilitation; or with firm funding commitment (signed by Regional Irrigation Manager if area is more than 5 hectares);
    9. Certification from the Sugar Regulatory Administration (SRA);
    10. Certification from the Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA) signed by Regional Manager;
    11. Certification from Fiber Industry Development Authority (FIDA);
    12. Certification from the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR); and
    13. Zoning certification from Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB) Regional Officer/Deputized Zoning Administrator identifying the specific land use of the subject land.

Who May Avail of the Service?

Requirements (to be submitted in two sets in folders)

Schedule of Availability of the Service

                Monday to Friday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Schedule of Fees

Area applied for

Filing Fee

Inspection Fee

15 hectares and below

PhP 1,750.00

PhP 5,000.00

15.01 to 30 hectares

PhP 2,000.00

PhP 7,500.00

More than 30 hectares

PhP 3,000.00

PhP 10,000.00


How to Avail of the Service



Office Activity

Duration of Activity

Person in-Charge


















Filing of Application

Applicant submits documents for land reclassification in two (2) sets

Payment of filing and inspection fees

Pay to the Cashier  and get official receipt (OR)

Get the Original Certificate from NTeCLUM Secretariat, BSWM, Quezon City

Accept application and bring it to Office of the RED for recording

Receive and record the documents at the PMPDD and forward documents to RTeCLUM Secretariat

Evaluate and verify completeness.  of documents submitted. The applicant is informed of the lacking document and folders are returned to the applicant, otherwise,  applicant is required to pay the corresponding fee.

Secure Order of payment from Accounting Section

Photocopy OR (2copies); attach each to the folders

Field investigation/ocular inspection of the area

Conduct field investigation of the area; collect samples for soil characterization

Submit samples to Soils Lab. for analysis

Prepare field investigation report. Encode the field report using the soil productivity criteria form and prepare report using LUR Form 3A

Forward report for signature by RTeCLUM Members

Sign of LUR Form 3A

- Soil productivity criteria report

- LUR Form 3A

Prepare endorsement letter and attach it to the Land Use Reclassification Folio (LURF)

Sign  endorsement letter and LURF

Forward LURF to the NTeCLUM thru its Secretariat in BSWM, Quezon City

Deliberation of the application/ocular inspection of the area

Submit findings and recommendation to the Office of the Secretary

Action to the application is sent back to the NTeCLUM Secretariat

Inform the applicant to get the Original certificate or send it directly to the applicant/authorized representative

5 min.

3 min.

15 min.

5 min.

2 min.

0.5 to 1 day (site- dependent)

10 min.

2 hrs.

2 hrs.

5 min.

5 days

5 min.

2 mins.

1 day

3 mins.

1 day

Ms. Erlinda F. Manipon or Ms. Rebecca R. Quiambao

Ms. Rebecca R. Quiambao

Ms. Erlinda F. Manipon or Mr. Saturnino S. Bautista

Ms. Erlinda F. Manipon or

Ms. Rebecca R. Quiambao

Ms. Rebecca Quiambao or Mr. Arnel Copro

Ms. Erlinda F. Manipon,

Mr. Arnel Copro and/or

Mr. Saturnino S. Bautista or Mr. Dennis de Guzman

Mr. Saturnino S. Bautista

Mr. Saturnino S. Bautista

Ms. Erlinda F. Manipon

Ms. Erlinda F. Manipon

Mr. Saturnino Bautista or Mr. Dennis de Guzman

Mr. Dennis de Guzman of  BSWM Quezon City,

Mgr. Dennis Calub of PCA, Quezon City,

RIM John Celeste of NIA Urdaneta City

Erlinda F. Manipon

RD Cipriano G. Santiago

Erlinda F. Manipon or Mr. Saturnino Bautista

NTeCLUM Secretariat

NTeCLUM Secretariat

Office of the Secretary

NTeCLUM Secretariat


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