Issuance of Phyto-Sanitary Certificate

DA-RFU I-Regulatory Division

Sevilla Norte, San Fernando City, La Union

Plant (BPI) & Animal (BAI) Quarantine Section

Tel No. (072) 10-45/46 loc. 24, Mobile No: 0917-931-0275

Service Head: Dr. Alvaro L. Lacasandile, Agricultural Center Chief III


About the Service

                Plants, plant products and other materials intended to be exported undergo inspection and fumigation if necessary to prevent the harboring of pests and diseases in compliance with global standards.

Who may avail of the service


Any natural or juridical persons such as corporations, partnerships, associations, firms, companies and other legal entities.

Requirements:  Duly filled-up application form.

Schedule of Availability of Service:

Daily (24/7)


Schedule of Fees: No Fees to be Collected


How to Avail of the Service



Office Activity

Duration of the Activity

Person Responsible


Call the Regulatory Division to inquire on procedures and requirements

For small packages

Advise exporter to bring the commodity to the office

For bulk

On-site inspection

10 minutes

1 day (site distance-dependent)



Renewing Applicants

Proceed to Regulatory Division with filled-up application form

Receive the application and review completeness of application form

10 minutes

June Jay B. Apilado or

Alejandro E. Ranchez, Jr.



Conduct inspection of plant materials:

- if substantially free from pests

10 minutes




- if found infested with plant pests, treatment must be done

20 minutes

June Jay B. Apilado or

Alejandro E. Ranchez, Jr.



Claim Phyto-Sanitary Certificate

Prepare Phyto-sanitary Certificate and endorse for approval

Release and log-out Phyto-Sanitary Certificate

5 minutes

5 minutes

June Jay B. Apilado or

June Jay B. Apilado or

Alejandro E. Ranchez, Jr.


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