Issuance of License to Operate

as Feed and Veterinary Drug and Product Outlets

Inspection/Licensing and Registration Section

DA-RFU I Sevilla Norte, San Fernando City, La Union

Tel. No. (072) 10-45/46 loc. 24, Mobile No: 0917-931-0275

Service Head: Dr. Florentino A. Adame, Agricultural Center Chief III


About the Service

                All feed and veterinary drug and product outlets are required to secure a Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) Registration Certificate of License to Operate.  To facilitate registration and renewal of license, our office located at Aguila Road, San Fernando City, La Union is open during working days the whole year round to cater to the needs of licensees.

Who must avail of the service

Citizens currently engaged in animal feeds and veterinary drugs and products trading and those who plan to engage in said business within Region 1.

Requirements to be submitted:


For Single Proprietorship


For Feed Establishment

  1. Notarized application form
  2. Photocopy of Mayor’s permit for current year
  3. Photocopy of DTI clearance
  4. Community Tax Certificate
  5. Taxpayer’s Identification Number
  6. 1 pc 1 x 1 ID picture

For Veterinary Drugs and Products

  1. Notarized application form
  2. Photocopy of Mayor’s permit for current year
  3. Photocopy of DTI clearance
  4. Community Tax Certificate
  5. Taxpayer’s Identification Number
  6. 1 pc 1 x 1 ID picture
  7. Photocopy of PRC ID of attending veterinarian
  8. Lists of drugs sold
  9. Memorandum of agreement of the attending veterinarian and owner
    1. Affidavit of licensed nutritionist
    2. Affidavit of animal population in the farm
    3. Copy of the plant lay-out (new)
    4. latest picture of the feed plant with the owner or authorized representative ( one taken outside and another one taken inside the plant) (new).
    5. If a toll manufacturer, photocopy of Memorandum of Agreement between the concerned parties
    6. If the manufacturer will contract the services of an independent quality control laboratory, photocopy of BAI-Laboratory Recognition Certificate (new)
    7. Memorandum of Agreement between the manufacturer and laboratory owner.
    8. Photocopy of articles of incorporation
    9. Photocopy of by-laws
    10. Photocopy o SEC/CDA registration
  10. Evaluator
  11. Section Chief
  12. Division Chief
  13. RED

Additional Requirements:

                For non-commercial feed manufacturer

For commercially-mixed feed manufacturer

For partnership/corporation


Schedule of Availability of Service


Monday – Friday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Schedule of Fees


Annual registration fees based on RA 1556 & 3720

Feed retailer                                                                                                   -              P   60.00

Feed distributor/repacker                                                        -              P 120.00

Feed dealer/supplier                                                                  -              P 240.00

Non-commercial feed manufacturer                   -              P 200.00

Commercially-mixed Feed Manufacturer          -              P 450.00 (less than 25MT rated capacity)

                                                                                                                                                                                -              P 540.00 (more than 25MT rated capacity)                                                                                                                                                                                                  -              P 630.00 (less than 50-100MT rated cap)                                                                                                                                                                                                    -              P 720.00 (more than 100MT rated cap)

Veterinary Drugs and Product Outlet                   -              P 240.00




How to Avail of the Service



Office Activity

Duration of the Activity

Person Responsible


Proceed or call the Regulatory Division to inquire for requirements and application procedures

Brief the customer on the application procedures and give list of requirements together with the application form

20 mins

Ms. Teresita Ramos or


Proceed to Regulatory Division with complete requirements

Receive and review the application forms and completeness of requirements submitted.

20 mins

Ms. Teresita Ramos


Pay corresponding fees to the authorized attending personnel/Special Collecting Officers

Special Collecting Officer (SCO)  issues OR

5 mins

Ms. Teresita Ramos




Conduct ocular inspection, prepare report, and submit report to the Section Chief

Endorse for approval. Signatories: (for renewal)

In case of new registration, the RED recommends to the BAI-CO for approval

2 days

2 hours

Ms. Teresita Ramos

Ms. Teresita Ramos



Retrieve approved documents from Office of the Regional Executive Director (ORED).  Record data and release to clients (renewal)

10 mins

Mr. Normandy Inacay



For new registration, retrieve the signed application form from ORED

5 mins.

Mr. Normandy Inacay



Give the signed copy of application form together with the other requirements to the Records Section for mailing to BAI-CO

10 mins.

Mr. Normandy Inacay



Call Central Office to inform of the mailed documents

10 mins.

Mr. Normandy Inacay



Receive approved certificate of registration* and record the same.

10 mins.

Mr. Normandy Inacay



Notify the client to get approved registration certificate

5 mins

Mr. Normandy Inacay


Receive the approved registration certificate

Record and file the documents

5 mins

Mr. Normandy Inacay


* Documents mailed back to DA-RFU I not longer than 2 months

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