Feed Analysis

Feed Laboratory

DA RFU-I, Aguila Road, Sevilla Norte, City of San Fernando, La Union

Tel No. (072) 242-10-45/46 loc. 26, Mobile: 0920-553-1821

Service Head: Ms. Grace Villanueva, Agriculturist II

About the Service

Feed Analysis is performed to determine the percentage contents of the feed as to crude protein, crude fats, crude fiber, moisture and ash to establish the acceptability of the feed formulation relative to the feeding requirements of animals.

Who May Avail of the Service

                Clients of Feed Analysis can be individual or groups of farmers, feed millers, students, researchers including personnel of other government and private agencies.

Requirements to be submitted

                100 g. of feed sample with complete label

                Duly filled-up request form

Schedule of the Availability of the Service

                Monday to Friday:           8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Schedule of Fees

                The fees to be paid depend upon the type of test requested to be performed on the feed sample as follows:

Tests Performed


Amount (Pesos)

% Crude Protein




% Crude Fats




% Crude Fiber




% Moisture




% Ash




How to avail of the service



Office Activity

Duration of the Activity

Person Responsible


Submit at least 100 g. of feeds sample with a label containing the following:

Name of Client

Date Submitted

Kinds of Samples

Location where samples were collected from

Receive feed samples with complete label

3 mins.

Ms. Grace Villanueva



Prepare the reagents

30 mins.

Ms. Grace Villanueva



Grind the sample

5 mins.

Ms. Grace Villanueva



Weigh the sample

1 min.

Ms. Grace Villanueva




Analyze the sample

1. crude protein

2. crude fats

3. crude fiber

4. % moisture

5. % ash

2 days

1 day

2 days

1 day

1 day

Ms. Grace Villanueva



Interpretation of Results

a. computation

b. evaluation

c. encoding

10 mins.

10 mins.

10 mins.

Ms. Grace Villanueva

Ms. Grace Villanueva

Ms. Grace S. Villanueva



Approve results

10 mins.

Ms. Grace Villanueva

RTD Eduardo M. Gonzales


Secure order of payment from the Accounting Section

Issue order of payment

3 mins

Ms. Wilnor T. Micua


Pay the amount

Issuance of Official Receipt

4 mins.

Ms. Milagros V. Zamora


Get a copy of the result

Release the copy of the result

3 mins

Ms. Grace Villanueva


Rights & Responsibilities

  1. Clients, except farmers for which the service is free, have the right to demand for official receipts when paying the fees being collected as in the case of students, researchers and those from other agencies.
  2. It is the responsibility of the clients to pay the corresponding fees charged for each test done and to claim the results as agreed upon, whether picked up or delivered.
  3. The laboratory reserves the right to reject samples that were not collected in accordance with standard sampling procedures. 

Complaints and Feedback

                Customers can get the Citizen Feedback Form from the Public Assistance Desk, accomplish and forward it to the Office of the Regional Director or drop in the suggestion box at the Public Assistance Desk.

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