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Twelve (12) farms in Ilocos Region underwent pre assessment for the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certification on October 14-18, 2019 at the Municipality of Adams, Ilocos Norte.

The twelve (12) farms were located particularly in the Sitios of Malaggao, Maligligay, Bantay and Centro. These were; Inuwayan Farm 1,2 and 3, Wilma's Farm 1 and 2, Yao's Farm 1 and 2, Rona's Farm, Cardom's Farm, Evelyn's Farm, Hill side and Hill top farm.

These farms are all applicants for GAP certification where most of them produces bugnay, rambotan, lansones, pineapple, dragon fruit, roselle, herbs, among others.

Inorder for the farms to be GAP certified, they should be able to improve the safety and quality of their products, while at the same time able to protect the environment and safeguard the health and safety of their workers.

GAP is a certification given to farms producing crops in a way that it does not compromise the safety of the environment hence does not use farm inputs that is harmful to the environment at the same time producing quality and safe food.

The standard specifies the requirements of GAP with respect to all types of fresh fruits and vegetables covering activities such as production, harvesting and post-harvest, handling of farm produce and packaging of their produce prior to marketing.

One good advantage of a GAP certified farm is that it commands a higher price for the commodity produced compared to those from non-GAP certified farms.

After the inspection, all of the 12 farm-applicants gained 87-91% score which means that the farms are qualified to be GAP certified, however, they still need to comply on some lacking requirements to be 100% GAP certified.

The pre-assessment was jointly conducted by staff from the Regulatory Division of the Department of Agriculture Regional Field Office 1 and Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI) staff headed by Mr. John Leo Gavino Gamboa - Chemist II from the DA - BPI central office.

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