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Bringing pride and honor to the DA-Ilocos Region Family, researchers from Research and Development Division led by Ms. Melinda Calumpit, Senior Science Research Specialist, bagged the Silver Award for Best AFMA Paper under the Organic Agriculture Category in the recently held 31st National Research Symposium held at The Sulo Riviera Hotel, Quezon City.

An award concurred by the Bureau of Agricultural Research, Ms. Calumpit’s paper titled “Technology Promotion and Utilization of Organically-Grown Soybean in Region I” is among the 27 paper-finalists that qualified for presentation at the national level after passing the 85% and above rating from the Panel of Board of Judges consist of agricultural research-experts.

For this year’s selection of research papers, a total of 199 researches were submitted by various research institutions in the country to BAR for the research-experts’ evaluation and scrutiny. Out of these number of papers, 80 papers passed the 80% qualifier-rating.

Aside from the paper of Ms. Calumpit, two other researches from the DA-RFO I were included as qualifier-papers which were written and presented by the researchers led by Dr. Debbie Aloha Davalos, Ruel Ramos and Lu Jane Inso. The two papers were titled “Validity of Site-specific Nutrient Management (SSNM) Generated from Nutrient Expert for Hybrid Maize: A Management Decision Support Tool for Corn Farmers in Pangasinan” and the “Utilization of Metharizium anisopliae (Metschn.) Sorokin for the Management of Rice Black Bug (Scotinophara coarctata Fabricus) of Rice in Region I.”

Meanwhile, as a second place winner, Ms. Calumpit received P75,000 cash award and a citation during the Opening Program plus P10,000 cash prize and a plaque of recognition. The group of Dr. Davalos and Ms. Insu, as qualifiers also received from BAR cash incentives of P10,000 each plus a citation.

The DA-RFO I is among the consistent DA-Field Offices that are recipients of Best Research Paper Awards.

(Photos credit to Mr. Chris John Castañeda)

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