“Brighter future is ahead for Organic Agriculture” - Puyat

“There is a future ahead for the Organic Agriculture program, so let us continue doing our share for the development of the Program.”

This is in a nutshell how National Organic Agriculture Board (NOAB) Chairman and Undersecretary for Marketing Service Bernadette Romulo-Puyat conveyed the support of organic agriculture program to organic farming advocates in a message delivered by Mr. Jeffrey Garido of the Bureau of Agriculture & Fisheries Standards during the recently conducted Regional Organic Agriculture Congress in Ilocos Region held at Sison Auditorium, Lingayen, Pangasinan on September 19-22, 2017.

Expressing her continued support in the implementation of priority interventions through the provision of additional funds for the certification process for organic farms, USEC Puyat also vowed to stregthen the production support services, provision of post harvest facilities and equipment, irrigation and other interventions provided by the DA to develop further the organic agriculture in the country.

In addition to these plans and programs, the NOAB will continue to pour investments on Research and Development component of the National Organic Agriculture Program as a vital strategy to improve the technologies on organic farming. “Extension services shall be intensified through the conduct of technology demonstrations, capability trainings, establishment of technology centers to improve the extension strategies of the program,”USEC Puyat said as quoted by Mr. Garido.

Meanwhile, in his report on the highlights of accomplishment of the Regional Organic Agriculture Program, Dr. Marvin Quilates, Regional Organic Agriculture Program Focal Person of DA-RFO I highlighted the major interventions of the Program as to the conversion of the 5% total regional agricultural land to organic farming and the assistance it provides for third party organic certified farms in the region.

According to Dr. Quilates, the region was able to convert 19% of its total regional agricultural areas and noted the efficiency of the program since it had surpassed its target as to how the organic areas were converted assuming that P50,000 was used to develop every hectarage of the farm.

Of the four provinces, Pangasinan remains to take the lead in converting lands to organic agriculture production as it devoted around 1,174 hectares to organic farming and have produced the first ever third party certified organic farm in the region which is the TERAOKA farm in Mangatarem, Pangasinan.

Giving emphasis on the production support services that the Organic Agriculture Program has provided to further enhance the implementation of Organic Agriculture Program in the region, Dr. Quilates underscored the program’s interventions such as the donation of 20 units vermicomposting facilities and equipment, 35 units shredding machines, 32 units production related machines for organic farming in the form of organic fertilizers, worms, molasses and other soil ameliorants; and 35 units post harvests machieneries and equipment.

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